August 17–20, 2022

First Street music festival in Morges: Traditional, modern, poems,  jazz, etc…

For 4 days, 50 artists put their talent in the streets and take you to discover the cultures of the world from the afternoon until late at night.

At BuskersÀMorges, the spirit is authentic, friendly and family-oriented.

The access to the festival is free and open to everyone!


Support us

 the association take charge for food, accommodation transport for the artist . They do not receive any fees. Their only reward is the hat and the sale of their CDs.

Thanks to you, There are several ways to support us 

For  companies, participate in the brochure of the festivities on advertising spaces

BuskersAMorges Pub

Join the association as a supporting member

BuskersAMorges Chapeau

Come as Volunteer

BuskersÀMorges is built on a movement of conviviality and solidarity, free artist services, significant presence of volunteer staff, etc.

BuskersÀMorges is friendly and supportive: free performances, quality programming in tune with the city of Morges. beyond the programming, conviviality, meeting the public correspond to our values.

Thus, without volunteering BuskersÀMorges could not exist. 


To be part of the BuskersÀMorges cultural human adventure come and

get registered

BuskersÀMorges Commitment

We are an event sensitive to our environment, both social and ecological. This is how the BuskersÀMorges, collaboraters and partners are committed to :

BuskersÀMorges nourriture
Offer local and ideally organic food and drink stands.
BuskersÀMorges boisson
Alcohol is limited to beers and wines.
BuskersÀMorges consigne
Provide crockery that will be consigned or compostable.
BuskersÀMorges musique
Play music acoustically.
BuskersÀMorges consommation électrique
Power consumption will be used at its strict minimum.
BuskersÀMorges déchets
Manage waste optimally.
BuskersÀMorges scène
The stages are located in the pedestrian zone. Access to the stages is easy  and close to each other..

BuskersÀMorges strongly encourages the audience to :

   Getting there by public transport

   Do not waste water 

   Sort their waste in the containers provided for it

Our partners

BuskersÀMorges Ville de Morges

BuskersÀMorges Ville de Morges Culture

BuskersÀMorges ARCAM

BuskersÀMorges Office du Tourisme Morges

BuskersÀMorges La Longeraie

BuskersÀMorges MBC

radio Festnoz

BuskersÀMorges Tumi de Oro