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Registration for Artists

BuskersÀMorges is a public event located between music, cultural heritage and living together, where the human dimension and proximity are of paramount importance.

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In making this application

I acknowledge that the submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance to the 2022 session of BuskersÀMorges.

I confirm that the information contained in this registration is correct.

I understand that the performance windows are limited and applicants will be notified via email about the status of their application 20 days prior to the 2022 BuskersÀMorges session.

Each artist will have at least two opportunities to play.

It is specified that BuskersÀMorges does not provide a Backline. Accessories and amplifications will be provided by the artist(s).

I acknowledge having read the terms and conditions relating to the event as well as confidentiality policy of BuskersÀMorges .

If the request is accepted

I agree to attend the mandatory participant meeting the morning of the 2022 BuskersÀMorges session.

I acknowledge that participation constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions.

I agree to be on time and to communicate with the event coordinator if my situation changes.

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